‘Travel Escapes’ Channel brings back Canada’s “The Travel Guy” and “Gourmet Escapes” to North America

BURLINGTON, ON October 3, 2023 – Popular TGTV series “The Travel Guy” and “Gourmet Escapes” return to Canadian and U.S. screens via brand-new VideoElephant FAST channel TRAVEL ESCAPES which has just launched on PLEX TV.

Viewers are invited to join in on a breathtaking journey, from spectacular travel locations to some of the world’s most unique culinary destinations.

The Travel Guy, Frank Greco

In the Canadian-produced series, The Travel Guy, Frank Greco explores a wealth of unique destinations this world has to offer, and Gourmet Escapes features legendary Mississauga Chef Massimo Capra and Montreal’s world renowned Chef Gerardo Damore, as they take turns travelling the world in search of local cuisine and interesting places.

Chef Massimo Capra stars in Gourmet Escapes

Ontario’s own, Frank Greco is the producer for both series, and he tells us: “This is a dream come true, having both of these series broadcasting North America wide through PLEX.TV, and free of charge to all viewers, is simply amazing. We need to see this world that is truly in our back yards. I am thankful to Ireland-based VideoElephant, the world’s largest premium video content library and a global leader in video content distribution, for featuring our series on their new channel ‘Travel Escapes’ which has now launched in Canada and the USA. 

Frank Greco, producer TGTV Inc.

Chef Massimo Capra says, “I love meeting with other chefs in different countries and seeing their homegrown ingredients and working with them to create a dish that is so delicious. I have learned a few things and uncovered some ingredients that I have brought to my restaurants for my guests and they just loved them.

“Viewers of Gourmet Escapes will see the passion of these chefs and the beauty of their country as I have,” Capra adds.

Chef Gerardo Damore stars in some episodes of Gourmet Escapes

Montreal chef, Gerardo Damore also expressed excitement: “I loved working in various countries and working with local chefs to create an amazing meal with them with local ingredients. The learning and friendships I made and will continue to make as we produce new seasons of Gourmet Escapes will be lifelong,” said Damore.

The Travel Guy and Gourmet Escapes are currently broadcasting across Europe, Russia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and are live now in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand on the Travel Escapes channel on the Plex platform. From a small-town setting, the Producer Frank Greco and his company TGTV INC has managed to have his productions broadcast to viewers in almost every country in the world.

About TGTV Inc.

TGTV Inc is a Toronto-based production company that produces lifestyle series programming, for worldwide distribution and broadcast. Productions include The Travel Guy, Gourmet Escapes, The Mangia Cake Boys (to launch November 2023), Paranormal Destinations and the new series in production called The Food Maverick.

About VideoElephant

VideoElephant  As a one-of-a-kind video content solution and distribution network powered by the world’s largest premium video library, VideoElephant is all about incredible video content and bringing it to screens everywhere.

VideoElephant was established to make it easy for content producers to distribute and monetise their video globally and for businesses worldwide to connect with their audiences through extraordinary video experiences.


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