TOtimes Tastings: Take a staycation wine tour close to the GTA

With staycations still very much a thing during late summer and into fall, why not step outside the city walls and take a well needed, well deserved exhale?

You do not need to go to France or Italy to experience the luxury of sipping on a glass of wine while nibbling on an assortment of cheese and delicate pastries. (all though if you get the chance, you should go) No, you have this amazing wine tasting experience waiting for you just outside your proverbial back door.  

The Niagara Region is a popular destination for people from all over the country, and around the world. 

You might be thinking, “Ya, but the traffic can be pretty frustrating and the price of gas is daunting to say the least, and it’s probably pretty expensive.” 

Good News…There is a perfect solution for that!

The solution is called Out of Town Lincoln, one of the GTA’s top wine tour companies

With over 25 years of experience and a distinguished reputation, Out of Town Lincoln is one of the top wine tour companies for the GTA and Niagara Region.  They offer group tours, private tours, 5 hour tours, 8 hour tours, and even “build your own” tour, and so much more. 

Grab your friends, put on some comfy shoes (just in case you get a tour of the vineyards, which is highly likely, and get ready for an out of town experience that makes you feel like you just stepped into Europe.

There are many stops along the Niagara Wine Belt that Out Of Town Lincoln maps out for you as there is something for everyone, so be sure to visit their website for the many options offered.   

Oh, and some of these wineries even allow your well behaved furbaby. 

Here’s a sneak peak into a few of the adventures you may embark on. 

Ontario Winery of the Year for 2022!

This winery is a sensory masterpiece.  It’s interactive, it’s calming, it’s spacious, it’s bright, it’s sophisticated yet it feels like family. You will truly be hard pressed to find something missing at this winery.

The Art Gallery is exquisite, the Sculpture Gardens surround the vineyard, the outdoor Bistro is  scrumptious, and…Warning –  the bakery WILL tempt you with all of the tantalizing smells and ooyee gooyee  sweetness. Try the award winning Butter Tarts, you won’t be sorry! One of the tours even has a wine cooler on wheels so that you get to taste as you walk and learn.

So, sit for a wine tasting experience or grab your glass of wine, take a  stroll around the grounds or sit at one of the tables offered indoors or outside, and enjoy the experience “Like No Other” at 13th Street Winery. They say once you visit there, you will be hooked.

Though you can choose your wine tasting adventure, one of the coolest and must try is the unique “Black Glass Tasting”  

Black Glass Tasting is like a blind fold for your tastebuds. You learn how your sight can actually influence your taste and smell and steer you wrong. You will learn about the subtle nuances the grapes bring to the wine. Not to mention, it’s a perfect opportunity for your inner sommelier to shine. 

You know that single serving can of wine you see in the liquor stores?  Ya, Between The Lines Winery can boast being Canada’s very first VQA canned wine!

They proudly teach not only about the history of the grounds, but they have a great enthusiasm when it comes to teaching you what wines pair well with what foods.

(Some Between The Lines tours also include lunch.)

Reif Estates Winery is highly decorated for their Internationally Acclaimed Ice Wine, and can honestly boast about almost every award given. The have the most knowledgeable staff eager to see your smile when you try the Gamy Rose, or, their flagship wine, Gewurztraminer. (ya, try saying that 5 times fast)

As soon as you pull up to the front of the winery you know you’re in for a treat. Every inch of the place is simply stunning. Not only is their Wine and Ice Wine top notch, but a must try is their Vinea Spirit. 

This elegant sipping liqueur truly loves to show off. Vinea gives you an excuse to invite over a few friends and be that award winning host that you are. Add some ice to a cocktail glass, pour in a splash of your favorite Reif Estates wine, finish with a garnish of fruit or herb, and just wait for the “oohh’s and awwes.” 

So whether you are looking for a cultural wine tour or an educational wine tasting trip, or perhaps you want to have that girls night out your girlfriends keep bugging you to organize. Stagette, Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement Party…How about that stag or bachelor party where you want to start off with something calm and sophisticated before you head out to the party hub of Niagara Falls.  Maybe it’s simply that “I need a break before I go crazy” kind of day. 

Need a comfortable, reliable drive to the airport?

Out of Town Lincoln is there for you. 

Visit the NEW to learn more about them and why they are the right partner for your transportation needs!

by Kimberly Wardell

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