The world’s largest baseball and 6 other wild roadside attractions in Ontario

Summer is here! While driving to a sun-splashed white-sand beach destination, make sure to pull over and take a few snapshots at these Insta-perfect roadside attractions.  From a super-large baseball to a mammoth slab of cheese — here’s a list of some of the quirkiest roadside attractions you’ll find in small towns and cities across Ontario.

World’s Largest Apple, Colborne, ON

Standing at 40 ft tall and 38 ft, “Mr. Applehead” is the largest apple-shaped structure in the world! You can get a spot of the giant apple from Highway 401, with the Canadian Flag flying above it. Bonus: the apple comes with an observation deck on top and a restaurant inside. Patrons can also buy tasty desserts, like apple pie, cider, maple syrup, bread, tarts, and a selection of nostalgic treats.

Address: 262 Orchard Dr., Colborne, ON. From Hwy 401, exit 497 S (Percy St). On the first right is Big Apple Dr.

World’s Largest Baseball, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

In the heart of Algoma Country sits an enormous steel baseball that is 2,000 times larger than an average ball. The world’s largest baseball was created 20 years ago, weighs 8,620 pounds, and is three metres tall. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to throw it, but it’s worth taking a few pictures of.

Address: Sinclair Yards Baseball field, Black Rd, Sault Ste. Marie, ON (Sinclair Yards is northeast of the town on Black Rd, north of Second Line).

Canada’s Oldest Sugar Maple Tree, The Comfort Maple Conservation Area, Fenwick, ON

The Comfort Maple is about 20 feet tall and 500 years old — it’s estimated to have been growing since around the time Christopher Columbus arrived much further south. The giant tree was designated a heritage tree in June 2000 under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Address: 640 Metler Rd, Fenwick, ON.

World’s Largest Inukshuk, Schomberg, ON

This 33-foot-tall “humanoid” dubbed “Little Joe” is pieced together out of 11 big slabs of rough-hewn granite from the Grenville Mountains in the Canadian Shield—and it weighs over 82,000 kilos! This Inukshuk (i.e., something that acts for or performs the function of a person) was created by Jose Melo of Allstone Quarry Products in 2007 and can be found on the landscape company’s property, free for public viewing.

Address: Hwy 27, Schomberg, ON (north of Toronto). The entrance is on the northbound side of the highway. When you turn in, the Inukshuk is on the right.

Giant Goose, Wawa, ON

The Mammoth Cheese, Perth, ON

A life-sized replica of a 22,000-pound Mammoth Cheese (that was made in Perth and shipped to the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893) can be found in the Tay Basin, close to the Perth Museum and the Perth Cheese Shop. Note that there’s an old replica and a new replica of the cheese—the old replica is located near the train tracks (on Sherbrooke St. E.), but it is in a decaying state and covered in graffiti.

Address: Drummond St. E., Perth, ON (south side of Drummond St. E., one block north of Hwy 1/Gore St. and two blocks east of Hwy 10/North St.).

Colossal Cow (Miss Claybelt), New Liskeard, ON

The statue of Miss Claybelt — a giant 18-foot-high fibreglass Holstein cow — can be easily seen from both Highway 11 and Highway 11B by Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum.  It’s worth a visit as it took 865 man-hours to assemble!

Address: 883356 Highway 65 East, Box 1718, New Liskeard, ON.