Mother of NBA rookie Filipowski's girlfriend defends her amidst 'grooming' scandal

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The mother of Kyle Filipowski’s older girlfriend isn’t saying much about the controversial relationship which might have contributed to the former Duke star falling out of the first round of last month’s NBA draft.

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The 20-year-old Filipowski got engaged to Caitlin Hutchison, 27, in April and is apparently estranged from his family, according to social media posts by his brother. The family has accused Hutchison of “coercive control” and “scheming” for years to get Filipowski in this situation.

“There will be things forthcoming,” Amanda Hutchison told the Daily Mail at her home in Madison, Ala.

“What we’ve always said to the kids is, for everything that’s good, if you have faith at all there will be adversaries, there’s always a negative for every positive,” she added. “So it’s how we weather those storms.”

The Utah Jazz took Filipowski with the 32nd pick, the second selection of the second round, one spot after Toronto added Jonathan Mogbo. ESPN draft expert Jonathan Givony had first brought the situation to light in the mainstream when he discussed it on Zach Lowe’s Lowe Post podcast after the draft.

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Givony’s comments prompted the player’s mother, Rebecca, 60, to respond on X saying: “You are opening a two year issue … and she is 28 with an endgame three years ago to have a diamond ring on her hand when Kyle left Duke. HE WAS STILL IN HS.”

Filipowski’s oldest brother, Daniel, 29, also publicly expressed concerns on X. Initially he did not name Hutchison, but referred to “Mormon grooming and brainwashing” and suggested readers “join some dots.” Hutchison was raised in the LDS.

Daniel later said more, saying his brother was a victim and a pawn “based on his human characteristics and growing potential as a high-level prospect which started taking place in 2019, exactly at the time when she began her pursuit of him.”

Filipowski would have been 15 at the time, Hutchison 21 or 22.

There are also reports she was once his babysitter. A report she was his cousin were disproven, though the two families wre reportedly close years ago, according to the Daily Mail.

Hutchinson’s mother also told the Daily Mail: “clarification would be forthcoming,” but would not elaborate what she meant by that.


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