A hungry throng from Arby’s Army descending on Oshawa to demand Toronto location

Hundreds of people who prefer eating roast beef sandwiches to burgers will descend upon Arby’s’ Oshawa location this Saturday at 2 pm to pressure the fast food chain to open a Toronto location.

“Arbys doesn’t have a Toronto location, so we are taking the Arbys Army to them”, the self-proclaimed “Arby’s Army” group wrote in a Facebook post. “The last time we invaded their Burlington location but this time its Oshawa !!!! Get ready for the Meatssss!”

The group added a disclaimer that Saturday’s gathering is “not a protest” and that the Army always aims to be respectful and, of course, “obtain the Meatssss!”—referring to the classic Arby’s slogan.

Yeah I’m also part of the Arby’s Army and the whole thing is a huge joke. We are going to Arby’s but there’s 0 protest involved. It’s just fun,” one member noted on Reddit.

Hundreds of people going to Ontario Arby’s to protest lack of Toronto location
byu/Jaded_Promotion8806 intoronto

To date, there are 56 Arby’s restaurants in Canada, with Ontario boasting the most locations nationwide (29). There used to be a few locations across Toronto, including a small hub in the Toronto Eaton Center food court, as well as locations in Yorkdale, and Yonge and Eglington, but the chain ended up closing underperforming locations.

So far, more than 515 people have responded to the ‘Arby’s Army’ Facebook page, and—apart from the opportunity to make a roast beef sandwich roast—some are using this issue to highlight the lack of other popular fast food chains in Toronto.

“I wish people can feel this way about Krispy Kreme. They got 1 location in Mississauga that basically serves all of southern Ontario and GTA,” one Redditor said. “Like can they not open more? I don’t want to wait hours in line.”