6 fascinating photos of historic moments from Toronto’s past

It’s the first week of September, and there’s plenty happening in the city to make us forget that summer is over. To celebrate the month, we’re looking back on some of the most interesting historic moments of Toronto’s September past, from the first Terry Fox Run to the pioneering swimmer who braved Lake Ontario.

The home run heard around the world

On Sept. 5, 1914, baseball legend Babe Ruth achieved his first professional home run at Hanlan’s Point Stadium on the Toronto Islands, marking the beginning of an iconic sports career.

The beginnings of prohibition

On Sept. 16, 1916, the Ontario Temperance Act commenced, initiating a period of alcohol prohibition in the province and shaping social attitudes toward alcohol consumption.

The record-breaking swimmer

Historic photo of Toronto swimmer Marilyn Bell, who swam across Lake Ontario

On Sept. 9, 1954, Marilyn Bell’s pioneering swim across Lake Ontario cemented her reputation as the first to accomplish the feat, leaving an indelible mark on open water swimming.

The hair-raising opening of the Science Centre

On Sept. 26, 1969, the Ontario Science Centre opened its doors, igniting curiosity and education through its interactive exhibits and engaging experiences.

The first Terry Fox Run

Historic photo of the first Terry Fox run

The first Terry Fox Run took place on Sept. 13, 1981, inaugurating a tradition of global fundraising for cancer research in memory of Terry Fox’s inspiring journey.

The history-making governor general

On Sept. 27, 2005, a historic moment unfolded as Michaëlle Jean was inaugurated as Canada’s inaugural Black governor general, exemplifying progress toward inclusivity.

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